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Texas Appraisal Review Board Process

Appraisal Review Board Process
Generally, Texas Appraisal Review Board hearings begin in May and end around mid July. The county appraisal district is required to approve the county appraisal records before July 20. Check with your county appraisal district for more specific dates.

The county Appraisal Review Board is to notify you at least 15 days in advance based on the notice's postmark date. They are to notify you of the date, time and place of your hearing. The Appraisal Review Board may postpone your hearing if you can show good cause. You must appear at an Appraisal Review Board hearing in person, by affidavit or through an agent or you may lose your right to appeal.

At least 14 days before your protest hearing, the county appraisal district will send you a copy of Texas Property Taxes: Taxpayers' Rights, Remidies and Responsibilities; a copy of the Appraisal Review Board procedures; and a statement stating that you may inspect and obtain a copy of the data, schedules, formulas and any other information the county appraisal district chief appraiser plans to introduce at your hearing. If you request the information the chief appraiser plans to introduce at your hearing, the county appraisal district may charge for copies. The chage may not exceed $15 on a residential property or $25 on a non-residential property.

When you present your protest to the County Appraisal Review Board, you may appear in person; send someone whom you authorize in writing to appear on your behalf; or send a sworn affidavit with evidence to support your protest. A sworn affidavit is a notorized statement of your evidence to support your case. Contact your county appraisal district or the Texas Comptroller's office for an affidavit form, but a form is not required. Your letter must contain all of the required information. Have your letter notarized and send it to your county Appraisal Review Board.

Go to our Appraisal Review Board hearing section for comments on what to do at the hearing.

Go to our Appraisal Review Board section for an explanation of ARB responsibilites.

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