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Guide to a Lower Texas Property Tax
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Texas Property Tax

How to Lower Your Texas Property Tax

Section Talking Points

  • The Three Factors
  • Property Tax Calculation
  • Property Tax Exemptions
  • The Assessed Value
  • How to Protest the Assessed Value
  • Tax Statement check list
  • How to Protest the Tax Rate

The Three Factors
Three factors determine the Texas property tax bill for a property.

Property Tax Calculation
The three factors are used by the county appraisal district to calculate the property tax. The formula they use follows:

  • assessed value minus exemptions = taxable value.
  • Each county taxing unit multiplies the taxable value by the taxing unit's tax rate to determine their share of the property tax collected.
  • Add all of the taxing units' dollar amounts to determine your total tax bill.

Therefore, check the following items.

Property Tax Exemptions
Go to our property tax exemption section for possible county appraisal district exemptions.

Appraisal District Statement Check List
Your county appraisal district mails a tax statement in October and a notice of appraised value in May. Make sure your statements are correct.

  • Do the appraisal district records show an incorrect owner?
  • Is your property being taxed by the wrong taxing units?
  • Do your statements show your exemptions correctly?

Contact the county appraisal district where the property is located if your statement contains an error. County appraisal district contact information for the major Texas appraisal districts can be found with the links on the navigation bar to the right.

Assessed Value
Your local county appraisal district mails a notice of appraised value on or about May 1st of each year. Check your statement. Is the appraised value too high? Go to our real estate valuation section to determine whether your assessed value is too high.

How to protest a tax rate
Go to our Tax Rate Protest section to find out how to protest the property tax rate of a county appraisal district taxing unit. xemptions.

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