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Appraisal District Protest

County Appraisal District Protest

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Who What When

Who may protest?
The property owner as of January 1st may protest. If you acquired the property after January 1st or if you lease the property go to who may protest for your options.

What may be protested?
You may appeal any county appraisal district action concerning your property.

The county appraisal district protest deadline
A written protest must be filed no later than May 31 or 30 days after the county appraisal district mailed a notice of appraised value to you, whichever date is later. Note that the deadline is 30 days after the county appraisal district mails the notice, not the date you receive the notice. Also, the county appraisal district is only required to send a notice of assessed value if the assessed value increased by more than $1,000.

If you are an off-shore worker or if you are on full-time military duty you may be entitled to file a late appeal. Contact your county appraisal district for details.

Before You Protest

Should you protest?
Go to our Should You Protest section for details on whether to protest.

Real estate valuation
Go to our Real Estate Valuation section for details on how to value a property.

Property Taxpayer Rights
If you disagree with the county appraisal district you have the right to appeal their decision. The county appraisal district meets with property owners informally to review their protest. After a Texas property owner files their protest, they will receive a written notice of the date, time, and place for a formal Appraisal Review Board hearing with the county appraisal review board. At the formal hearing, the appraisal review board listens to both the taxpayer and the local county appraisal district appraiser. The county appraisal review board's decisions are binding only for the tax year in question.

How to Protest

How to file a protest
To protest a county appraisal district decision you must file a protest in writing. You do not need to use a protest form. However, county appraisal district protest forms are available. A protest notice must:

  • identify the owner
  • identify the property that is the subject of the protest
  • state that you are dissatified with a decision made by the county appraisal district.

Send the protest to the chief appraiser of the county appraisal district where the property is located.

Meeting with the appraisal district
Use the following links for details on meeting and protesting with the county appraisal district.

How to protest a tax rate
Go to tax rate protest to find out how to protest the property tax rate of a county appraisal district taxing unit.

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