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Appraisal District Calendar

Appraisal District Deadlines

Section Talking Points

  • Weekends and holidays
  • January 31
    • Deadline to pay prior year property tax
    • Late protest deadline
    • 2525 (h) protest deadline
  • April 15 (approximate)
    • Deadline to file rendition forms
  • May 31 (approximate)
    • Deadline to file a protest

Weekends and Holidays
All appraisal district deadlines that occur on a weekend or state holiday are extended to the next business day.

January 31 Deadlines

Deadline to pay prior year property tax
Deadline to pay property tax for prior year taxes. Penalty and interest applies to delinquent payments. Exceptions apply if the value has not been set.

Late protest deadline
Deadline to file "late" protest under 2525(c) or 2525(d) for prior year taxes.

2525(h) protest deadline
Deadline to resolve a 2525(h) protest for prior year taxes.

April 15 Approximate Business Deadline

Deadline to file rendition forms
Deadline for businesses to file rendition forms. There is an automatic extension of the filing deadline until May 15 upon written request prior to the April 15th deadline. The chief appraiser of the county appraisal district may extend the filing deadline for an additional 15 days (until May 30), if the property owner files a written request showing good cause.

May 31 Protest Deadline

Deadline to file a protest
Deadline to file a county appraisal district protest (or 30 days after the notice of assessed value is mailed, whichever is later). The county appraisal district is only required to send a notice of assessed value if the assessed value increased by more than $1,000.

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